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Dan Brown Inferno tour in Florence Italy, a luxury experience in Tuscany

Ferrari car hire luxury rent EuropeIn luxury tour of Tuscany, proposed by Karisma Luxury Rental awaits you a trip on board of sports car, exotic car and prestigious convertibles with the visit the sites narrated.

You will meet the stories of passionate and upset souls, characters really existed that were distinguished in the past era and you will visit places with dark stories crossing Tuscany, both in the center of Florence than in central Pisa.

You start from the center of Florence with delivery of the car at the station of Santa Maria Novella and from here you can visit the Baptistery of Florence. Find all the details to choose the car in this page

Sports car and luxury car available: Range Rover, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Bmw, Audi, Lamborghini.

About tour: the image of the devil and of hell were very present at the time of Dante in 1300, just as confirm the representation of the Doomsday within the Baptistery.

The mosaics that compose the work precede the drafting of the Divine Comedy of almost 50 years. It's just this work that inspired the last storyof the poem where the poet Dante meets the ruler of the underworld. But this is only the first stage of the tour that will see the succession of carachters such as Girolamo Savonarola, burned in Piazza della Signoria with the infamous accusation of heresy, passing in front of Palazzo Pitti, the Uffizi Museum, the Vasari Corridor, the Garden of Boboli, then moved to Pisa to see the ancient Torre della Fame, where he was imprisoned Count Ugolino, announced by Dante in sphere of traitors.

It's just in this tower that the Count was imprisoned by the Ruggieri with the charge of high treason.

Closed in the tower along with their families, without food and water, Ugolino tried desperately to resist the instinct to eat their children. Dante in the Divine Comedy there suggests that the desperate, accepted to be feed of their loved ones and leave the details of the reader imagination. But not only. Are many the places of Tuscany inspired by wickedness and cunning of the Devil.

From the Bridge dedicated to Lucifer in the hills of Lucca, which owes its fame to an ancient legend linked to its particular architecture, until the Riflullo of the Devil, a particular corner of Florence Cathedral where both summer and winter there is a curious atmospheric phenomenon that hides a disturbing legend. It is said that in fact the Devil wanted to steal the soul of a priest and chased him through the streets of Florence. But the priest was able to mock the devil and discovered the deception, the Devil since then has never stopped blowing.

Pity, obsession, revival will take place in this tour that can be modulated in relation to the period of stay in Florence, with a succession of emotions and suspense inspired by the work of Dante, the great poet, considered by everyone the father of Italian language. Request a detailed quote to live a surreal experience. Fill out the form in this page and indicate the car of your dreams. The sales manager will respond by email indicating all details for rental and prices reserved for more demanding customers.