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pick-up and return in all European cities:
Italy, Uk, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland.

Top speed:
0–100 km/h,s: 12,2
Luggage compartment: 260 lt

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The Audi A3 is considered one of the most comfortable convertibles. The fabric hood folds down in seconds even when the car is moving.

The Audi A3 is a fun sports car suitable for long journeys thanks to its noise isolation.

A convertible car perfect for the spring and summer season, with elegant interiors, brilliant engine and finely furnished. Travelling with the hood down, the air does not disturb the car even at high speeds.

Pick up and return in Europe: Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany.

Pick-up and return in all European cities, to satisfy all customer needs.
Our luxury car rental service guarantees maximum service for our clients. It is possible to rent a luxury car in any European city and return it in another city or different nation.

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